UPGRADE 02 SENSOR  Now Available to do Individual Cylinders
We have just upgraded our current dyno cell with SuperFlows latest 902 Pro Engine Dyno. The newest system has the ability to record 3 times more information than the previous dyno. Equipped with the latest super fast electronic package and unique engine cart stand, the SF-902 is simply the most versatile engine dynamometer system available.
Even if your engine hasn't been built by us, we are happy to run it for you with the same care as our own.
To make an appointment just give us a call on (02) 9791 3510
The SuperFlow SF-902 is the next generation engine dynamometer for all levels of engine builders. The SF-902 replaces our sturdy, industrial-duty SF-901 system as used previously.
SuperFlow's XConsole Classic provides state-of-the-art control and data acquisition capabilities. Internal system communication is done through CAT5 computer cables. There are no wiring harnesses or card-edge connectors on the XConsole Classic. The XConsole Classic can be ourfitted with a variety of gauges to suit your needs. Large LCD screens show live data, lighted rocker switches control engine and test cell equipment, and panel meters display torque, speed, power, or any other important data.
The highly acclaimed WinDyn software provides quick and easy test design and configuration, real-time data acquisition and display, and convenient test-data management, display and reporting.
Using the SuperFlow SF-902 to measure power characteristics of your engine. It will tell you not only how much power, but where the power is in the speed range. For performing research and development, you can evaluate modifications one at a time, or as a complete system. For race engines, you can ensure that the engine is right before it runs on race day. Developed on the dyno, race at the track. Whatever the engine's purpose, ou can use the dyno to perform a quality audit.
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